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Be Inspired

Where does ordinary inspiration come from?
The NOUHAUS atelier is a place that changes in free
and unlimited ways as it searches for an answer to that question.

Each season, we collaborate with artists in different areas to
discover and communicate diverse perspectives on life,
out-of-the-ordinary tastes and true values.

Meet NOUHAUS’ brand of life curation through the things
you see, hear and experience.

Filling the spaces of your life with inspirations.

Be Inspired

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    A journey in search of comfort

    With a title meaning “source of comfort or solace,”Solacement is
    a collaboration between the massage chairs and the natural
    relaxation provided by florists Its focus is on the true comfort
    that comes from nature the value of rest.
    Collaboration with Arbourista

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    Imaginary Conversations

    Dialogues between visuals and sounds, expanding your senses

    Imaginary Conversations offers you the experience of creative
    moment beyond relaxation.Sit in a massage chair among four
    colors based on the theme of “dialogue” between painting and
    music and enjoy music from different genres in an artistic setting,
    featuring paintings with different forms of expression.
    Collaboration with Arbourista

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    Alluring Illumination

    Relaxation in the light of hope

    Alluring Illumination proposes a new relaxation experience with
    fantastic and beautiful lights. Sit in a massage chair in an artistic
    setting that reimagines abandoned and non-functioning fishing
    lamps into aesthetic objects illuminated by blue light.
    Collaboration with Boo Ji-hyun

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