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LUNA Launch Exhibit

The unveiling of LUNA 4D recliner along with Paik Nam June’s masterpiece, M22 held at Duson Gallery.
To celebrate the opening of the exhibit, an insightful presentation on Nouhaus and LUNA was delivered by Kim Taek (CEO of Nouhaus), following with a short supportive message and interview on the topic of innovation from
Peter Zec (founder of the RedDot Awards), Kim Yang Soo (CEO of Duson Gallery), Jung Woo Won (engineering artist),
Ligyung (installation artist) was shared.
In addition, a conversation and panel discussion was held with Kim Taek (CEO of NOUHAUS), Kim Yang Soo (CEO of Duson Gallery), and Na Ken (Professor at Hongik University IDAS) hosted by Jeon Eun Kyung (previous editor-in-chief of ‘Monthly Design’) as moderator.
Collaboration with Duson Gallery

collaboration with

Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea


18 Jan 2023 – 19 Jan 2023